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What is is your virtual local arcade, located between the world wide web and the public blockchain. No sticky floors, lack of ventilation, no neighbors peering over your shoulder, and no impatient queue laying quarters down on your game saying “I’m next”. This is arcade style game play, brought to web3. accepts micro-payments and in turn, provides players with fun, pick up and play style games that allows folks to PLAY TO EARN reward JOY tokens.

We will be bringing more games, more utility, to a tokenized Bitcoin Cash arcade experience. Whether you're playing for competition, to pass time, or to fight to earn tokens. is a new economy on an old idea. Check out what these popular Youtubers say about

Corbin Fraser plays through on SmartBCH on Dinopawnz

Online Raketero explains Play to earn games on SmartBCH on Vlad Ivanov

What are JOY tokens?

JOY tokens are the native reward token of Players earn a variable amount based on performance of their gameplay. JOY can be used to mint NFT's (coming soon), participate in project governance (coming soon), and can be traded on decentralized exchanges. Read more about the JOY Token Sale and history here.

How much do games cost to play?

It costs $0.25 USD to play our arcade games. Just like the old days. This amount is based in MATIC on the Polygon chain. The amount of MATIC paid is determined by the MATIC/USD rate at time of play.

How do I collect prizes with the JOY I earned?

Visit the Prizes section and view the NFT Collections available to spend your JOY or PTS tokens. When you participate in a mint you are the first owner of a unique, one of a kind collectible. You can resell them on secondary markets such as However, don't be quick to sell everything you mint for just a slightly higher price on 3rd party markets. Certain NFT's are more rare and demand more attention. Check the rarity of your NFT and compare to other items being sold with similar rarity. You may also want to consider holding and collecting them for future staking opportunities, as well as in-game upgrades. In the future holders of certain NFT's such as JOYBOTS may unlock bonus gameplay and multipliers in combination with future staking opportunities.

My rewards haven't shown up yet. Help!

Make sure that you have added the JOY token as a custom token to your metamask. You can do this by visiting the homepage of and tapping the "Add JOY to metamask" button below the logo.

Our reward payments are not instant. Rewards are processed every 6 hours. You can view your next payout by visiting the Dashboard to view outstanding JOY and estimated delivery. In periods of high activity, rewards can be placed in a queue, causing rewards to take longer than 6 hours.

If you haven't received your rewards, check pins on our telegram channel and be aware that your rewards will eventually show up. While this system is in BETA please be patient. Thank you!

What are JOYBOT NFT's?

JOYBOT NFT's are a unique NFT Collection that enhances your gameplay and multiplies your rewards. You can mint them for 500 JOY. You can either earn 500 JOY by playing games, or by visiting one of the dex's below to buy JOY. Mint a JOYBOT and hold it in the account you are gaming from and you'll earn 2x rewards! Or use your JOYBOT NFT to unlock in-game enhancements such as Character Selection inside Joybot Crossing. You can also use your JOYBOTS to farm PTS via our JOYBOT NFT Staking Platform

How do I farm with my JOYBOT NFT's to earn PTS?

Visit our Joybot Staking Platform and read the GUIDE in the top right corner. Inside the staking platform you can select which JOYBOT NFT's you own you would like to plug into the CHARGING STATION. All Joybots plugged into the CHARGING STATION earn PTS. The PTS you unlock are calculated by the number of joybots locked in staking, the length of time, and the rarity of your JOYBOT. The more lightning bolt emoji's on your JOYBOT the more PTS you'll earn. You can earn collect PTS to mint more NFT's soon, or swap from PTS into more JOY to mint more JOYBOTS!

My game didn't start, I'm having technical difficulties.

Look for the RETRY button to try to reload the game. If the public RPC node for polygon is delayed it's possible you need to manually query it to proceed with your gameplay. For other support check out our telegram.

I want a refund, can I speak to your manager?

Sorry, we do not issue refunds. If your connection was interrupted prior to game starting and you were unable to play, your session will still be logged for a minimum JOY payout. Meaning you'll still be eligible for some tokens, however the system will just assume you are very bad at the game and only give you minimum reward, which is variable depending on USD price per JOY. If you experienced a bug please join our telegram and report bug to our community managers. Please remember this project is still in BETA.

What can I do with my JOY tokens?

Mint NFT's, Fund liquidity to Yield Farm and earn interest on popular dexes, participate in governance. 3rd party markets also exist which allow users to trade tokens.

What is the total supply of JOY token?

Visit to view the latest token details on JOY (SEP20). The SLP version of JOY has had its minting baton burned and the large majority of tokens are already migrated. Please note that there will never be more than 4,000,000 JOY in existance. You can view JOY token on Polygon on DexScreener.

How many JOY rewards can I earn for playing games?

Amount of JOY will vary depending on price of JOY/USD.

Breakdown of minimum and maximum rewards:

🥇 MAX reward with >=2 JOYBOTS : ~$0.60
🥈 MAX reward with 1 JOYBOT : ~$0.37
🥉 MAX reward without JOYBOT : ~$0.3125
⭐ MINIMUM reward with JOYBOT : ~$0.1875
⭐ MINIMUM reward without JOYBOT : ~$0.125

What are Play To Earn Games?

Play to earn games are a new phenomenon in the gaming industry which allows players to earn tokenized rewards for their gameplay. This can come in a variety of forms, but ultimately what it does is reward gamers and loyal users for building and supporting a community and economy.

When are new games added?

We are trying to release up to 2 new games per month going into 2022.

Where can I buy JOY tokens?

You can buy them from various DEX platforms including MistSwap, BenSwap, TangoSwap, and MuesliSwap. See links in the footer of our website.

How do I farm yield using JOY tokens?

Start farming today by visiting any of the DEX's below and clicking their Liquidity Tab. Fund equal amounts of JOY & MATIC then stake your LP tokens that you receive as proof of Liquidity Provider into that DEX's Farm and begin earning more tokens with your JOY and MATIC immediately!

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